So my cousin Mikie came over (she’s from Canada) and I officially declare that she is my favorite person…sorry dad, and mom… 😦




h ε∠ ∠ο …

I ♥ ƒοο∂


∞∞∞Iηƒiηiτy & ßεyση∂∞∞∞

ßεε yσυrςε∫ƒ…

🙂 (:

αlpha ⇔ Ωmega

¶iε ≈ 3.14

† ¢ℜσςς †

ωας τhÍς ℜαη∂σ‌m?

No pictures PLEASE

I may seem cute, but please…don’t get on my bad side especially when taking photos. Okay I admit it I did kinda smile when we took that photo in Canada with our relatives…♣ But for the rest of the photos I made the pictures blurred…

Things I like to play with…or tear apart

♥ ςhoεs ~I like to take/steal them from the bathroom

♥ε.o.ς ~its a type of chap-stick I kinda chewed up the last one and my owner kinda had to throw it out…

♥℘εηcilς ~what? they remind me of my beef jerky how its really chewy and hard…

♥℘εης ~the ink doesn’t taste that good but i like to chew them…

♥ςocks ~i’m trying to get revenge on them since my owners keep covering my face with a sock

♥℘α℘εr ~its not my fault its easy to tear apart

♥ς†uffe∂ αηimαlς ~they are just really fluffy and I don’t like that they are fluffy

thats all folks!


Free Time

Okay so lets get started.

I’m going to talk about my free time. So sometimes what I do in my free time is just rip things apart. Shoes, dolls, pillows you name it. Sometimes I might just rest and close my eyes, but when my owner starts to head toward me I immediately get up and start wagging my tail. Other times I might cause trouble like pooping on the carpet (The mom hates when that happens…she punishes me very harshly 😦 ) I like to follow a lot of people, especially my favorite owner, Lena. She always smiles and secretly gives me pieces of food, and hugs me and a bunch of other stuff. But when I become useless because I am doing nothing, they put me to the dungeon- in my cage. Its sooooo boring there, all I have is my house-which is ripped apart, a pee pad and a giant barrier including a water bowl. I always jump thinking they will take me out again but they won’t. Apparently that is where my free time ends and I must either eat or go to sleep.


About Me

*ruff, ruff, ruff* 

whoops! I meant Hi, I’m Charlie White and I am a male Maltese dog. I am starting a blog and its going to be about a dog’s life. Everyone thinks I am really cute. (*grrrr* Sorry I was playing with a shoe.) Please comment any questions or comments about what my next topic to blog about is! Have a nice day.


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